Vacancy waiter

Japanese restaurant Kobe situated in Maastricht is a unique restaurant.

Through the use of fresh and tasteful products, which are prepared by real Japanese chefs, we strive for genuine cuisine; Japanese cuisine in its origin.

Quality, customer focus and collegiality are our top priority. To expand our team we are looking for:

Waiter/Staff member

Ambulatory/Parttimer ( 5 - 20 hours a week) Fulltimer (38 hours)

-          (extended) catering experience

-          Direct and flexible availability

-          Service focused

-          Customer focused

-          Team oriented

-          Preferably basic level French A1/A2


In short, we are looking for a candidate who is motivated, excited, alert and flexible.

This vacancy is suitable for students or as an additional extra income. Your work consists of receiving and serving guests, taking orders, preparing beverage orders, formatting accounts and cleaning. In addition, you are responsible for a representative look of the restaurant and your team.


Salary is determined in accordance with Horeca CAO.

Are you interested in this position? Do you want to know, see and hear even more about us check out our website  we are only interested in flexible and motivated candidates who’s  aspiration is satisfied  guests and a positive working atmosphere.

Please send a cover letter including curriculum vitae to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sushi & Teppanyaki Chef


Skills required:

- Good knowledge on European and Asian cuisine

- Must be able to work in a demanding and stressful environment and should possess team playing skills

- Sound judgement to prioritize activities, detail-oriented and cost conscious

- Effective communication and interpersonal skills

- Excellent presentation skills and possess upfront personality in present of guests

- Strong product and market knowledge withd rive for new and innovative products

- Good command of English both in speech and writing

- Bachelor's College degree or Post Graduate Diploma/ Master's Degree in Food Technology. At least 2 years of working experience in related field. 


Requirements & responsibilities

- A Sushi chef and/ or Teppanyaki Chef must be well-versed in food preparations as well as able to do many other tasks involved in running a restaurant

- Must combine a thorough knowledge in Japanese cuisine with the ability to train and manage the kitchen staff, select the right ingredients, design a successful menu and present dishes in interesting and appealing ways.

- Strong knowledge of all basic Asian cooking techniques

- Strong knowledge of Japanese cuisine philosophies and principles

- Ability to prepare all ´Mise en place´

- Ability to verbally explain processes of history, preparation, and cooking techniques to guests while cooking

- Ensures all food is prepared fresh and is of the highest quality

- Strictly adheres to all recipes, methods and instructions from supervisor

- Maintains an organized and efficient flow of production, with regards to changes in forecasts and menus

- Conducts daily walk-through prior to leaving to ensure cleanliness, rotation, and proper labeling of all food items, proper storage of all food items, proper removal/ disposal of leftover items

- Maintain HACCP standards of outlet and hygienically standard knowlegde

- Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and carry out the Restaurant tidiness policies and procedures appropriate position. 


Good salary with CAO based on full-time hours. 

Interested? Please send your CV and motivation letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.